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Proof Load Testing Services

Capital Hoist & Crane is your one source center for all your load testing .

We can test your wire rope slings, chain slings, synthetic slings and all rigging hardware

Call us at 270-962-7003 for all our proof load testing services.

Sling proof testing is a very important part of the safety of your rigging products.

With its 200.000 Lbs capacity our proof load testing equipment is ready to ensure your slings and other rigging products are OSHA standard tested.


Capital Hoist & Crane has the latest sling proof testing machine available. Located in our plant in Elkton, Ky.

For the safety and overall performance of your facility, each alloy steel chain sling should be load tested before it is used in any operations. It is important that each sling is properly tested, inspected and maintained by a reputable service provider like Capital Hoist & Crane.

Call us at 270-962-7003 to find out how we can help you with testing your slings.

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