The lifting slings you have are a very essential part of your equipment.

You know already that you have to use the right sling for the purpose it is made for. The slings that you use can be from a variety of types. This can include chain slings, wire rope slings or polyester slings.

The other thing that every type of slings need is a regular inspection. Here at Capital Hoist and Crane we have the right testing equipment for that.

You can have a look at our proof load testing here. We are the only company who offer this type of sling testing in our area.

The best way to keep your slings in top condition is following some of these tips.

  • Plan a lift carefully
  • Check weight capacity
  • Visually check your sling before use
  • Store your sling the correct way.
  • Protect your slings

Testing your slings

OSHA has some strict rules for load testing of slings and you can find it here

The general rules are that the employer has to make sure that every new or reconditioned sling needs to be tested by a reputable service provider like Capital Hoist & Crane.

Manual inspection need to be done every time before you use any type of sling. Here are some tips on how to do that and what to look for.

  • Missing sling identifications
  • Holes, tears or cuts and snags
  • Worn stitches
  • Knots

Of course there are different sets of rules for nylon sling and chain slings.


How many times should you inspect a sling?

OSHA recommends to have a qualified person to test slings, including all fastenings and attachments each day before us and look for defects and damage.

This person also performs periodic inspections based on:


  • Sling use frequency
  • Service conditions
  • Nature of the lifts it is used for

Never make periodic inspections with intervals greater than 1 year. Here are some general tips for periodic inspections.


  • Yearly for “normal” use
  • Monthly for heavy use
  • Recommended by a qualified person like Capital Hoist and Crane

Feel free to contact us with any question and how we can help you keep your slings in top condition.

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The team of Capital Hoist & Crane.