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Mobile Equipment Services

Capital Hoist & Crane is your one source center for all your mobile equipment needs.

Our highly trained technicians can take care of any problem you have with your equipment.

Call us at 270-962-7003 for all our mobile equipment services.

Our mobile equipment services:

  • Service and Maintenance
  • Full service maintenance packages
  • Fleet analysis
  • Operator safety training, OSHA Certification

    24 hours per day, 7 days per Week, 365 days per year!

Capital hoist & crane, Inc. has over 50 years of experienced service technicians dispatched daily to serve our customers needs quickly and economically. On-site service and parts inventory on our service vehicles allow us to speed up response time and reduce equipment downtime.

Capital hoist & crane, Inc. also has an in-house maintenance shop which includes the latest tools and equipment to handle everything from basic preventative maintenance to complete engine rebuilds

Mobile Fleet Management

Capital hoist & Crane, INC offers comprehensive fleet management. saving customers time and money with in-depth access to information on fleet costs and trends.

  • Complete access to work order and invoice detail
  • Asset tracking
    • By Location, Asset, Department, Type, Age
  • PM tracking
  • Abuse tracking and Documentation
  • Asset life, PO and Lease tracking
  • One vendor invoice
  • 24 Hour Service
  • Full Service at Customer Site
  • Fixed Rate Service Plans
  • Larger Components Available

Maintenance Cost Management

Planned Maintenance is vital in helping to control maintenance costs. Capital Hoist & Crane, Inc. offers competitive maintenance packages which are based on manufacturer guidelines that can be tailored to your specific needs.

We provide our customers with maintenance reports breaking down where your dollars have been spent. With this information, we will help you put together a plan to reduce your overall maintenance costs.

Hydraulic Cylinders

You depend on hydraulic cylinders to help you deliver essential goods and services to your customers. Faulty cylinders translate into downtime. That’s lost money and time that you and those who depend on you can’t afford.

When you need hydraulic cylinder repair, it makes sense to count on a company with a track record of high-quality repairs, reliable service and effective solutions.

That’s exactly what Capital hoist & crane delivers: dependable, rigorously-tested hydraulic repair, hydraulic pump repair and more that end downtime and return your production processes to peak efficiency.

We Offer:

  • Single and double end
  • Repair/replacement of rods, seals, piston heads, gland nuts and tubes
  • Any diameter up to 14″ and lengths up to 18′
  • Pressure testing after repairs to 3,000 psi
  • Replacement seals rated up to 6,000 psi and 500 deg Fahrenheit

Incorrect or Contaminated Hydraulic Fluid Promotes Wear

old hydraulic cylinder
new hydraulic cylinder

Substandard or contaminated hydraulic fluid is a major cause of failure. The wrong fluid can affect the operating efficiency of the pump.

Contaminated fluid speeds up the wear and tear of internal components. Purchasing hydraulic fluid from reputable sources minimizes the potential for this situation.

Performing Preventative Maintenance fluid and filter changes are crucial to extend the life of your pumps. Unfortunately, too many people don’t understand the importance of using the correct fluid and changing it as recommended.

Hydraulic pumps and accessories have long service lives. They may have been standard catalog items in the beginning but, today, they are obsolete.

Retrofitting your system with different units would be costly and time-consuming. The best option is to breathe new life into your existing equipment. That means having a hydraulic pump repair service rebuilding or remanufacturing it to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

All Capital Hoist & Crane repair orders follow the 8-Step Certified Repair process. 

  1. Receiving: Log the order in the repair tracking system.
  2. Evaluating: Determine the cause of failure.
  3. Quoting: Prepare a customer quote.
  4. Approving: Schedule the order after customer approval.
  5. Repairing: Repair and perform initial testing.
  6. System and Quality Testing: Review and approve the running item by the supervisor.
  7. Repair and Testing Reports: Prepare the completion reports.
  8. Shipping: Pack and ship the item.

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