Overhead cranes are a big investment. Read here about 5 of the most common problems that you can encounter during the life of your overhead crane and how to avoid them.

overhead crane problems

1. Damaged Wire Rope

A damaged or worn out wire rope is something we run into and experience with overhead cranes.

The most common reasons for damaging a wire rope are:

  • Wire rope came out of the reeving system
  • Corrosion or wear on the outside wires
  • Broken wires on the outside
  • Kinking and crushing

To avoid this type of damage the easiest step to take is to do a wire rope inspection at the beginning of every shift. If there is any damage the wire rope should not be used any longer and needs to be disposed.

Proper lubrication can prevent a lot of wear and tear damage.

2. Alignment issues of the overhead crane

Any crane that is not aligned right can cause a lot of stress on the entire crane system.

The forces that are caused by bad alignment are not accounted for in the design phase of the manufacturing.

A bad alignment and the stress on the equipment can cause:

  • Accidents
  • Failure of the crane
  • Downtime
  • Loss of production
  • Expensive repair

A not properly tracked crane will cause a lot of wear to the wheel bearing, wheel flanges and will have to motor work harder than designed for.

How can you see if your crane is not properly aligned?

It is very easy to find out how your crane is aligned with a simple inspection. You can look for:

  • Loud noises
  • Damaged wheels or wheel flanges
  • Wheels that float in the air of crash down
  • Extra power for the motor to pull or run

Regular inspections of your overhead cranes by a reputable company like Capital Hoist & Crane is a necessity for your overhead crane safety.

We will inspect and survey the rail and runway of your crane to find and repair any issue before the problem will get bigger and more expensive to repair.

3. Wear on the end wheels of your truck

If there is any part of your crane components that need regular maintenance than it will be the end truck wheels.

It is normal that these wheels, bearings, and flanges will wear out. If this, however, happens prematurely it can be a sign of a larger problem or problems that need to be addressed.

4. Electric system issues

A crane needs a well maintained electric system to run smoothly without interruptions. There are a few common problems with the electric system of an overhead crane.

Contact interruptions

A frustrating problem for any crane operator is when there are interruptions between the collector and the conductor bars. This can cause the crane not to run smooth but jump.

Besides that it can cause overheating of the contacts by carbon graphite built up it can also cause shorts in the electric connections.

Push-button problems

The pushbutton might stick or even become unresponsive over time. They need to be repaired or replaced to avoid accidents.

5. Damaged hooks

Every hook is designed to do a specific job and to hold a load with a precise direction.

When the weight is not supported in a way that the hook was designed it can cause a lot of stress on the material and result in bends and cracks. In a worst-case scenario, the load can slip off the hook.

It is strongly advised and should be part of safety inspections at the beginning of a shift to inspect the hook.

Protect your crane and prevent costly downtime.

If you take care of your crane you can prolong its life span. Here are some tips to take into consideration before you buy and overhead crane or have one in your business.

  • Your crane should be rated for the actual usage.
  • Look at where you will use it and the environment it is in.
  • Have it inspected on a regular schedule.
  • Follow the recommendations of the manufacturer concerning maintenance.

If you have any questions about problems with your crane feel free to contact us If you have any questions about problems with your crane feel free to contact us at 270-962-7003, 24/7 or our contact form and we will come up with a professional solution to your problem.

Capital Hoist and Crane can design, installs and maintain any overhead crane system in the market.

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